Flat Commercial Roofs, Denver, CO

Flat commercial roofs require specialized materials in order to protect their structures.

Flat Commercial Roofs in Denver, Colorado

For most residential structures, the roofline is angled in order to let gravity take care of rainwater and snow buildup, allowing it to move downward towards drains. This ensures that snow or rain doesn’t pile up and cause leaks through your roof. However, most commercial structures have flat roofs. Flat commercial roofs require specialized materials in order to function properly, some of which include:

  • E.P.D.M.- This roofing material is popular with many commercial roofs due to its affordable cost. Made mostly of rubber materials, E.P.D.M. can provide a waterproofing layer, making it ideal for flat commercial roofs. Additionally, because the material is so light compared to other roofing materials, installation and maintenance are often much easier.
  • TPO- TPO is a type of roofing material that is made of vinyl. It can come in black, but often is installed in lighter colors like grays or even white. Because these lighter colors reflect the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them, this material helps with energy efficiency. Additionally, the seams in this type of roofing are strengthened by the sun, unlike other types of materials with adhesive that can degrade in sunlight.
  • PVC- If you think “pipes” when you hear PVC, you’re not alone! PVC roofing uses the same type of plastic as the piping materials, but it’s formed into a thin, durable sheeting material. Because it has plastic materials woven into the membrane, it makes this material particularly strong and durable, giving it a longer lifespan than other roofing materials.

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