Flat Roof Replacement Cost, Denver, CO

If you need to replace your roof, an estimate will tell you the approximate flat roof replacement cost.

You as a customer or consumer may want a general idea of what will it cost to replace an existing tar and gravel roof, or maybe you’re purchasing a building with a flat roof that has issues. Maybe the warranties have run out. Before purchasing, you should have an experienced roofing contractor evaluate the roof and give you an estimate on flat roof replacement cost.

Flat Roof Replacement Cost in Denver, Colorado

There are some companies that, for a few bucks, will certify any roof regardless of condition. A roof certification is an actual service and very different from a free estimate. A free estimate is done with the intention of repairing or replacing the roof. Basically the roofing company comes out with the intention of replacing the roof system or upgrading if it just needs a repair. There’s really no inspection; it mainly involves measurements and a quote upon answering a few simple questions.

A roof certification is a complete evaluation of the existing system. The outcome is an analysis of whether it can be repaired, whether the system will continue to function properly under normal weather conditions in the area, whether the roof covering has been properly maintained, and what the possible life expectancy of the existing roofing is.

If you need to replace the roof on your Denver, Colorado home, an estimate will tell you the approximate flat roof replacement cost. An estimate is a free service. When a customer makes a call for an estimate, a respectable, licensed, experienced contractor will usually inform the potential customer whether the roof needs total replacement or if maybe a good maintenance plan may work and save the customer large sums of money.

When people want to find out if their roof is certifiable, this is not a free service, and the customer should ask how much it will cost to have the company come out for the inspection. Otherwise you could end up with a surprise bill to pay. Most legitimate companies will tell you immediately if a new roof is needed or not and act accordingly. There are some companies that do not do roof certifications because a certification is a written warranty stating that, at the time of inspection, there are no defects, known leaks, installation issues, etc. Certifications can last for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years. This means the company is responsible for the roof during that period of time as though they actually installed the roof. Of course, there are things which will void the warranty.

The question is how much money is worthwhile to spend on repairs. What if it leaks again? Can you install a new roof on top of the exiting roof to save money? These are questions that should be answered whether it’s an estimate for repair or replacement.

A flat roof replacement costs about $6-10 per square foot, so a 1,600-sq-ft flat roof costs approximately $9,600 – $16,000*. This includes tearing off the old roof and installing insulation and the new roofing membrane. Several factors can affect the flat roof replacement cost, including roof size and complexity, quality of materials used, your location, your contractor, and the R-factor of the roof.

*The costs above are examples and not actual prices.